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Fenton Findings

NAPL resource library provides valuable insights into a number of topical issues. These resources are provided by the economists of NAPL’s Research Center and experts from NAPL’s Business Advisory Team. The aim of each NAPL resource is to present the graphic communications industry with information that can help them better understand the industry and their organization.

Below you will find resources listed by topic from NAPL’s Senior Consultant Howie Fenton. Click on the below titles to receive your complimentary resource now!

In-Plant Printing

Case Study #301: Analyzing In-Plant Performance – the following case study, Howard Fenton uses his unique industry expertise to help an education in-plant remain open.

Change Your Value – At a high level, products either are becoming competitively priced or retaining their value. Successful companies are increasing the value of those commoditized products, reducing the manufacturing costs, or creating new products or services with more value. How are companies increasing and monitoring their value?

How In-Plants Fight Outsourcing – Despite the painfully sluggish recovery of the economy, the competitive threats to in-plants are not diminishing. Fewer in-plants are achieving their goals, leaving the door open to an outsourcing or facilities management company. Only solid, quantifiable performance and benchmarking data can counter attacks from outsourcing providers. So don’t get comfortable; analyze your shop’s performance against the competition now.

How to Improve In-Plant Performance: A Practical Guide – Get maximum results on improving your in-plant performance by following this guide.

The State of Today’s In-Plant Printer Market – The in-plant printers are under more scrutiny than ever before. The main reason: declining print volumes are jeopardizing the in-plants’ ability to break even financially. As a result, the threat of outsourcing, a facilities management takeover, or closing altogether looms on the horizon. Only those that can prove and improve their competitiveness and value are most likely to survive.

Customer Service

What Customers Want – The Secret to Increasing Sales and Loyalty – Listen to Howie Fenton, NAPL’s Senior Vice President Mike Philie, Survey Advantage’s President Michael Casey, and Quick Print’s President Johnny Tarrant explain how to use key industry resources to better understand customers, and how to use that knowledge to increase customer loyalty, grow sales, and strengthen your business.


Learn Before You Leap – Marketing Strategies & Ideas For Your Business – Listen to Howie Fenton and a panel of marketing experts help printers with limited resources understand how to market their businesses in a way that is continuous and targeted rather than occasional and generic.


Digital and Wide Format Pricing – More Than Just Numbers – Hear Howie Fenton,Mitch Evans, Managing Director of NAQP and Author of the Digital and Wide Format Pricing Study, Tracey Cohen, President of Target Printing, Inc., and Joe Calagaz, VP of Commercial Printing Division for Calagaz Printing, as they tell you about the current trends in Digital and Wide Format pricing, and how to determine a pricing strategy that will enhance your bottom line. Sponsored by Canon.

Hits and Misses – Why You Need a Print MIS System- Hear Howie Fenton, Greg D’Amico, Brian Baarman, and Joel Salzman, as they share their firsthand experiences in choosing, implementing, and fine tuning MIS systems.

Web-to-Print Profits – There’s currently a controversy brewing about the viability and/or profitability associated with Web-to-print. Many people believe Web-to-print can increase the value of your services and provide a competitive advantage. There are, however, others in the industry who maintain that implementing a Web-to-print solution does not result in additional work or profits, but only in additional expense. Although there’s scant clarity about what Web-to-print is, it will succeed only with a sharp focus and A-game marketing and service support.