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Levels, Programs & Benefits

Membership Levels and Benefits

Corporate Membership

Making your company a member of NAPL is easy. Join now and you and your staff will start enjoying member benefits such as NAPL’s Members-Only website sections and periodicals, as well as access to member discounts on a wide variety of business services today!

To ensure that membership meets every company’s needs, NAPL offers printing and graphic communications enterprises the choice of two membership categories, each developed to address their specific business issues:

Corporate Level Membership Benefits Include:

NEW! NAPL Research Center™ 2012/2013 Complimentary Member-Benefit Studies and Reports:

  • NAPL State of the Industry Series to include:
    • State of the Industry Report
    • Printing Business Conditions
  • NAPL Newsletters
  • Access to NAPL Information Central
  • Access to Members-Only Online Forum
  • Access to Members-Only Web Pages
  • Access to Members-Only Webinars
  • Access to NewsTalk LIve Broadcasts
  • Exclusive Member discounts on all NAPL products, services, programs & publications
  • Exclusive Member Advantage™ Discount Program with industry-wide vendors, manufacturers, & business service providers
  • Access to NAPL Hourly Rate Tools (Online)
  • Members-Only access to NAPL Business Advisory Team
  • Exclusive Members-Only NAPL WorkPlan for Success™
  • Exclusive NAPL Performance Indicators™ Program
  • NAPL Management Plus™ Best Practices Assessment

Annual Dues $1200*

*Dues are payable in one-time annual payment via check or credit card.

Become an NAPL member today! Click here to access the paper application or call .

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Special Membership Categories

NAPL also offers special membership categories for educational institutions and firms that serve the industry, but do not directly provide printing or graphic communications services:

Associate membership:
For non-printing companies with 150 or fewer employees (Annual dues: $1,200).

For non-printing companies with more than 150 employees (Annual dues: $3,500).

Educational membership:
For instructors or students within a printing or graphic arts program at a school, college, or university (Annual dues: $250).

Simply click here
to submit an online application.

Or call or email us and we’ll be happy to explain your membership benefits and options:

Donna Komlo, (201) 523-6345 or dkomlo@napl.org

Or call us at and we will help you fill out your application over the phone.