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2013 Owners Conference Sessions


Weren’t able to make it to this year’s conference? Don’t worry you can purchase the audio recordings. More information coming soon.Â

Friday, November 8, 2013

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows YOU! – How to Build Your Business by Building Your Brand.
     David Avrin, The Visibility Coach
With so many choices confronting your prospective customers and clients, the question is: Why should they choose you? Internationally renowned business speaker and marketing expert David Avrin – The Visibility Coach, will reveal what it really takes to recognize and promote your true competitive advantage while building a category-leading brand identity.

Based on the lessons in his breakout book: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! (©John Wiley & Sons). David Avrin’s eye-opening and engaging business marketing presentation will leave you with a new perspective of what it takes to stand out and provide new ideas and actionable strategies to make you top-of-mind with your key prospects. Sponsored by Xerox.

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     David Avrin, The Visibility Coach
Following on the heels of his main stage keynote presentation, David Avrin facilitates a hands-on, interactive session helping attendees do a deeper dive to craft and communicate a powerful and marketable brand identity. This interactive workshop will take the lessons of his presentation and help participants apply them to promote a clear and competitive advantage. Attendees will leave with a new recognition of what sets their company apart and compelling statements they can use to infuse their marketing efforts with renewed power.

Are you Ready to Buy or Sell?
     Mitch Evans, Managing Director, NAQP, Moderator
A panel of your peers will share their stories of how they either acquired other businesses or were acquired. Based on their experiences they will tell you what to do if you want to sell your business or how you can grow by acquiring a competitor. Get real-world, experience-based insights from these company leaders about what worked and what to avoid.

Adding Wide Format to Your Business
     Mark Jameson and Brian Boehm, FASTSIGNSŽ
This session will review the basics of getting into or adding wide format to your print business. It will provide information and answers to questions such as: What type of software and equipment exists for wide format printing? What should I consider when choosing such equipment? What would adding a laminator do for my business? What other things do I need to consider for: Staffing? Competition? Applications? FASTSIGNSÂŽ will deliver a great 1-2-3 analysis on the basics, costs, and opportunities for anyone considering entry into the wide format business.

What’s All the Buzz About: Is 3D Printing in Your Future?
     Melissa Ragsdale, President of 3D Printer Solutions, NovaCopyÂ
Perhaps you’ve seen news items, read business articles, and maybe heard industry word-of-mouth about 3D printing; what it is, what it can do, and future applications that appear to be limitless. This technology has grown 7.2% each year since 2007 and sales are projected to jump from about $1.7 billion in 2011 to $3.7 billion in 2015.

Now learn and hear what it’s all about straight from one of the top 3D printer manufacturers and a panel of printers like yourself who’ve embraced the 3D technology. Plus, see a demonstration of a 3D printer at the Supplier Showcase!

Ten Top Marketing Concepts to Consider (Ideas Exchange)
     David Avrin, The Visibility Coach, Moderator
David Avrin, successful business marketing speaker, author, and executive coach, will facilitate this always popular session. This year the focus will be on marketing. All attendees are asked to bring and present their best marketing ideas, which will be judged on originality and effectiveness. Prizes will be awarded to the top ideas.

Direct Mail to the MAX
     Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic, foldfactory.com
Direct Mail is powerful, customizable, private, and virtually guaranteed to be seen by the recipient. So, why aren’t you using it more? Join Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic at foldfactory.com, for a power-packed session filled with direct mail inspiration and advice. She’ll dive into her world-famous sample library to show you some of the most interesting DM solutions in print, while sharing high impact techniques that will get you a significant bang for your buck on any budget. Still not convinced? She’ll prove mail’s potential with powerful case studies and statistics. You’ll also learn valuable information about the three-step process of creating successful direct mail campaigns. Whether you’re a seasoned mail pro or a direct mail newbie, this session promises to educate and inspire.

Folding Self Mailers (FSM) Guidelines: A Crash Course
     Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic, foldfactory.com
Following her general session presentation, Trish will review the new FSM (Folding Self Mailer) guidelines. Understanding these guidelines doesn’t have to be daunting; after an hour with Trish, you’ll emerge with optimism and renewed inspiration. All of the most important changes and general guidelines will be covered, and she’ll share inspired FSM solutions from her folding sample library. All attendees will also receive her handy new FSM Quick Reference.

You Bought & Installed the Equipment – Now How Do You Grow Your Sign Sales?
     Mitch Evans, Managing Director, NAQP, Moderator
A panel of industry peers will share tactics and strategies on how they grew their sign sales. You will learn which industries are buying signs, what products they buy, and how the panelists are marketing to those industries. Panelists will also share how they have been able to grow business in this new profit center.

DISCovering Effective Management Communication Skills
     Nancy Proffitt, Founder, Proffitt Management Solutions
Do you know why communication is the number one management issue in most organizations? You should because it affects productivity, sales and your profits.

Does any of this sound familiar…
• “What do you mean you didn’t understand?”
• “That’s not what you said…”
• “I’ve tried to talk to him about it but he just doesn’t listen?”

Are personality clashes affecting productivity and teamwork in your organization? Learn how to identify critical communication styles and the strategies for leveraging and managing those differences to increase your bottom line.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Roundtable Peer Discussions
During breakfast join your peers to discuss industry issues and explore business development opportunities.

How to Guarantee Sales Success
     Peter Ebner, Author & Sales Trainer, Peter Ebner Inc.
Sales success has nothing to do with luck nor is it driven by the so called born salesperson. Sales success is a measurable and repeatable process and the outcome can be accurately predicted by the formula ST x A = R (Strategy Technique, Activity, and Results).

Sales consists of 3 separate components and a weakness in even one of these components will result in poor sales performance. For example, even the best Strategy, supported by excellent Technique will bring poor Results unless accompanied by the right amount of Activity. Likewise, a highly skilled (Technique), hardworking (Activity) account executive, will generate poor results unless the sales approach is Strategic. In this eye-opening session you will discover the field-tested strategies, techniques, and activities that are guaranteed to drive your sales and earnings.

PURLs of Wisdom
     Derrick Doi, VP, Quick & Franchise Print Seg. Mktg, Xerox
We know cross-media campaigns are effective, but are you aware of the trends and how to create an effective campaign? Along with Derrick, Paul Strack from CustomXM and Craig Dellinger from New Haven Print will discuss the cross-media campaigns used in marketing the 2013 NAQP Owners Conference. They will review what worked and what didn’t, and share the results with attendees.

Prospecting Strategies that Get Results
     Peter Ebner, Author & Sales Trainer, Peter Ebner Inc.
When you’re prospecting for new business, you’re not competing on a level playing field. The field is heavily slanted in favor of the prospect’s existing supplier.
• Over 80% of your prospects are happy with their printer.
• They’ve built a strong relationship with their printer’s sales and support staff.
• When push comes to shove their printer will match your low price.
• Most prospects are willing to pay extra to avoid the risk and aggravation of changing suppliers.
• Their printers is already providing competitive pricing, great quality, fast delivery, and outstanding service.

Yet these accounts can be sold, because getting past a receptionist that is screening calls and landing an appointment with a prospect that is happy with his printer is merely a matter of skill and these are precisely the skills that you’ll learn when you attend this powerful session. Plus, you’ll leave this with field-tested telephone scripts that make prospecting easy and that are guaranteed to land as many new accounts as you can handle.

Production Automation and Cross-Media: New and Profitable Opportunities
Gavin Jordan-Smith, Konica Minolta, VP, Solutions & Production Planning, BIS
In this session, attendees will hear from subject matter experts who developed solutions for printers by printers. This dynamic presentation will identify ways for printers to streamline their production workflow, minimize manual interventions for maximum productivity, and capitalize on new print and multi-media business opportunities. Among solutions to be discussed:

  • EngageIT Automation –  a Web-enabled order automation portal that is fully integrated with an automated production workflow solution.
  • EngageIT XMedia – technology that allows digital printers to drive business to their presses and capture revenue from other digital channels.

How to Set Up and Grow a Vertical Market Selling Political Printing
     Tom Carns, Former Owner, PDQ Printing
This session will teach you how to establish a niche in the lucrative political printing market. Learn firsthand how Tom entered and consistently grow his business with political printing. Tom was also active in local politics starting with an appointment to the planning committee and then elected as a councilman. Tom is still active in local politics and his former company continues to prosper in selling to the political market.

What If…?
     Mike Rayburn, Motivational Speaker & Guitar Virtuoso
Rayburn does what no other speaker can. In addition to being a brilliant guitarist and entertainer, Mike is an expert on personal development and human potential. He doesn’t use PowerPoint and tell you something works. He uses guitar and comedy and actually proves it before your eyes and ears

Everyone says, “We need to think outside the box.” No one teaches you how! In “What If…?” you will learn three simple, powerful tools that can be use immediately and forever to be able to leap beyond your perceived limitations.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Cross-Media Campaign
     Paul Strack, President, CustomXM
Cross-media marketing establishes an interaction between the different media elements, unlike multimedia, where the content is just reiterated in different forms. To ensure you understand the difference this step-by-step session will show you how to create a Cross-Media campaign. You will see firsthand it is not as hard as it looks, and there isn’t any programming or advanced computer skills needed.

5 Steps to Creating a Fail Proof Sales Engine with Your Website
     Tawnya Starr, President, PrinterPresence
Built around data collect from a study with printing companies that are increasing revenue year over year and doing so with increased profit margins, learn what common principals the leaders in our industry are implementing:
• How to use your website as a sales tool in every presentation.
• How to train your customer service team to incorporate your website into conversations.
• The role an online catalog plays in reaching more customers in your local market.
• How to identify the best vertical markets to target.

How to Price Fulfillment
     John Rafner, Director of Membership Growth, AMSP
A discussion on what Fulfillment is, and what/how customers are willing to pay for. Identify key metrics to make sure your Fulfillment operations contributes bottom line.

What you will learn:
• The types of fulfillment
• The pricing concepts for them
• Which is right for a smaller facility
• How to profit from common carrier freight
• What customers expects from a fulfillment service provider in 2013
• Available entry level technology

Now What? Hitting “RESET” to Effect Critical Change
     Nancy Proffitt, Founder, Proffitt Management Solutions
70% of organizational change initiatives fail. The failure rate is so high not because people are unwilling to commit to change, but because they are unwilling to un-commit… to their need to be right, or to past commitments they once thought were musts.

Realizing that your focus should not be on how bad it is, but on how much better your business could be – that is the first step to implementing positive sustainable change.
• Excited about what you have learned over the past few days at the NAQP conference?
• Have a dozen ideas you want to try once you get back home?

In this conference recap, Nancy will tell you how to keep that “fire” burning and get others as excited about your new ideas as you are?