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3D Chalk Mural

 The Message in the Mural

In the business world, “thinking outside the box” is one of those age-old clichĂŠs. Everyone wants to do it, but normally the concept falls flat, except for at NAPL.

With GRAPH EXPO fast approaching, a roundtable discussion inside the NAPL office was searching for innovation. A conference comprised of thousands of booths can be a difficult place to stand out. So an idea was hatched.

For the first time, Shaun Hays , a 3D chalk artist, transformed the 30 x 40 foot booth into a larger than life, interactive canvas, with a fully functional QR code.

NAPL wanted to look at GRAPH EXPO as more than just a trade show. In turn, how you should look at your business…not just as what it is, but what it can become.

Below will offer you insight into what this mural represents:

Rapids – The choppy waters represent the turbulent times the printing industry is experiencing, and how it can be intimidating and scary for printers.

Raft  – Represents NAPL and how it can help you navigate the waters (i.e. the industry).

Shark – All of the hidden threats circling owners on a daily basis.

Pirate ship  – Represents those businesses that succumbed to profound threats.

Flower – The new opportunities that are blossoming for the industry. But you have to look beyond where you currently are in order to discover these opportunities.

The booth space is a square (box); however, we decided to utilize the space as a diamond. This represents business owners who have not adapted to the new direction the industry is headed in, and have inadvertently boxed themselves in. Business owners should stop thinking about their business as a box, but instead look at all of the potential opportunities and transform their business into a diamond.