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About Business Advisory Services

Our Philosophy

You might know of NAPL as the printer’s Association for the advancement of best business management practices. But did you know about our customized consulting and advisory services, where we bring the industry’s best practices right to your door?

NAPL was created by smart business people who understood the need to embrace change, share experiences, and improve through networked idea sharing. That philosophy carries through to our consulting and advisory services today.

We provide a more personal and customized delivery model for what NAPL has always done best – provide information about the best practices in the industry, and help leverage that knowledge to your best advantage.

Our Mission

We look at customized consulting solutions as an extension of our existing mission: To help industry executives make better decisions for the improvement and expansion of their businesses.

Many times companies get so caught up in helping customers that they run out of time and resources to help themselves. That’s where NAPL comes in. We stay focused on what it takes to run a printing business successfully, even in the most difficult times.

Our industry-specific services are provided at cost-effective rates, based on our ability to share resources from the Association’s entire slate of offerings. You get the expertise and wisdom of the entire NAPL community, as well as the industry at large.

Our Advantage

The NAPL Business Advisory Team comprises eight full-time staff members with practical experience in critical areas of graphic communications management. From mergers and acquisitions to sales, operations to finance, NAPL brings industry-specific knowledge directly to your company’s individual needs. The expertise and offerings of NAPL’s Business Advisory Team are captured in over 100 business services, each specifically designed to fit your company’s size, issues, and needs. NAPL has a unique process that is designed to take the fear out of “consulting” by defining specific deliverables, processes, and expectations – creating a platform for building a customized program tailored to your company and your situation.

For more information, please contact Tim Fischer at (201) 523-6376, tfischer@napl.org