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Management Plus Best Practices Assessment™

The NAPL Management Plus Best Practices Assessment™ is a free comprehensive self-administered review of seven critical management disciplines, which company leaders can use to determine how their management practices in each area measure up to industry standards. Download Now

By answering a series of questions related to their management practices in leadership/governance, strategic planning, financial performance, marketing/sales, operations, human resources, and community/industry relations, companies can gain a detailed assessment of their management prowess, revealing practices that are at a leadership level, as well as those that need improvement.

This comprehensive diagnostic tool is the foundation upon which NAPL has built its unique NAPL Member Work Plan for Success™. Based on the insights gained by this analytical evaluation of management competencies in every company segment, NAPL industry experts can help company leaders pinpoint areas of opportunity and develop a plan for maximizing their effectiveness.

Companies that have completed the NAPL Best Practices Assessment™ may also use it as part of their entry into NAPL’s Management Plus™ Awards Program. Over three decades, hundreds of companies have taken advantage of the free assessment and more than 150 businesses have won industry honors as recipients of NAPL Management Plus™ Awards.