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eKG Competitive Edge Profile™
Perhaps the most significant measure of your company’s future success is how your customers rate you. Sadly, most companies never find out that their customers are unhappy until they just disappear.Don’t wait until you’ve lost a customer. Use the NAPL Competitive Edge Profile™ to learn not just how customers perceive you, but how they rate you against your competitors, and how they judge you in those areas they consider most important to them. The NAPL Competitive Edge Profile is not just a satisfaction survey, but a competitive tool that can help you identify where you are falling short against your competitors and what easy, low-cost steps you can take right now to increase the “value gap” between you and the competition.Following an NAPL Competitive Edge Profile survey, you will receive a report detailing where your organization outpaces or falls short of the competition. This will be the basis for a customized action plan that will show you what you must do right now to hold on to current customers and win new ones.Our research has shown clearly that there is a direct correlation between report findings and operating profits. Those printing companies that know what their customers want and how they want it, that provide value in the minds of their customers, and improve client satisfaction based on defined areas of need, drive profits by up to 5 points in a single year!

What do the results for eKG look like? Click below to see a sample!