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Graph Expo 2014

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2014 Deliver Theater Booth #1867

The 2014 Deliver Theater (booth #1867) offers a variety of industry presentations. Be sure to attend these great presentations at no extra charge with your admission to the exhibition hall at this year’s Graph Expo. Theater presentations include:

Sunday, September 28

2:00 – Mitch Evans – “Succession Planning”
What you will learn:

  • How is the business valued?
  • How will it be paid?
  • What are the tax issues?
  • How will control shift?
  • How do other family members view the transition?
  • How does it fit into estate planning?

3:00 – Victoria K. Stephen, USPS – “The Role of Mail in Driving Campaign Results with Technology-Driven Marketing”
The US Postal Service is committed to developing new products and integrating new technologies to increase the effectiveness of mail as a marketing channel.  In this session, you’ll learn about some of the US Postal Service products and mailing initiatives underway, and how innovative new technologies can leverage use of mail products to drive more effective marketing campaign results.

Monday, September 29

11:00 – Mike Philie – “Build Your Go-To-Market Sales Plan”
What you will learn:

  • The six critical elements of a sales plan -a leaders guide.
  • Sales projections with a plan behind them.
  • Which opportunities to say yes to and which to say no to.
  • Incorporate marketing and lead generation into your sales process.
  • The value in knowing the top five business attributes of your key clients.
  • How to bring your internal team into the process to buy-in and support the plan.

12:00 – Mitch Evans – “Adding Signage to Your Print Shop”
What you will learn:

  • Making the case on why you should diversify into signage
  • Space and staff requirements
  • Products & Services you can sell
  • Best prospects for selling signage
  • Equipment requirements
  • Financial proforma

2:00 – John Foley, Jr. – “Using In-Bound Marketing to Grow Your Business”
It has become more important than ever before for service providers in our industry to utilize inbound marketing efforts to reach their prospects and customers. Generating inquiries and leads for sales, increasing customer loyalty, generating awareness and demand, and increasing revenue are just some of the benefits gained from effectively utilizing inbound marketing tactics. John will share best practices and teach you how to use inbound marketing to grow your business through content, your website, social media presence, and direct mail campaigns.

3:00 – Leo Raymond – “Update On all Things Postal”

Tuesday, September 30

11:00 – Mark Hahn – “The Anatomy of the Deal in the Printing Industry: Are you thinking of buying or selling a printing business? ”
What you will learn:

  • The deal process -what are the specific steps to take and stages you should expect to experience as you go through a rigorous, well-executed and ultimately successful M&A transaction?
  • A primer on company valuation -how do I price my company or an acquisition target?
  • What is a “teaser” and what elements are included?
  • The layman’s view of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s).
  • How do I find the right prospective buyers and/or sellers?
  • What other documents should I have prepared in advance?
  • What’s included in the due diligence process that I hear so much about?
  • When do I share the really important details such as customer names?
  • The steps to finalize and close a deat
  • What should I expect in terms of earnout or “tuck-in” provisions?
  • The “Art of the Deal” -basic tips about negotiating.
  • Things to avoid when buying or selling a business.
  • What will it cost if I engage professional M&A advisors?

12:00 – Mike Philie – “Sales Management Optimization”
What you will learn:

  • Your 3 options -are you a coach, facilitator, or manager?
  • Your role within the organization.
  • What’s the plan -setting goals, expectations and accountability.
  • What’s critical to your future business success -how and what to keep score on.
  • Your existing sales team and hiring the new breed of sales rep/technical specialist/concierge.
  • Update your compensation to optimize your team.

2:00 – Karen DeWolfe– “Got Mail? How Service Providers Can Increase Their Direct Mail Business”
For service providers who offer direct mail services, you provide a time-saving service for your clients that makes their business run that much more smoothly. But, no business should rest on its laurels, so it’s always a good idea to turn your thoughts to what you can do to make your business that much more successful and see some great results in terms of increasing profits. Karen will ensure attendees are equipped with the latest tool for driving prospects directly to their business, and leave with a full understanding of how to streamline their service, expand offerings, and market differently to ensure they are being found by the right customers.

3:00 – Trish Witkowski – “Made You Look! Made You Buy! The Secrets of Engaging Mail”
There is a secret strategy that can have a significant effect on whether or not the mail you send gets a response-and that secret is engagement. There are many ways to grab (and hold onto) the attention of your audience, so we’re bringing you a power-packed, can’t-miss-it hour session that will bring new energy and improved response to your mail and cross channel campaigns. By popular demand, direct mail and format expert Trish Witkowski offoldfactory.com will take you on a fascinating journey through a wide array of engagement techniques, including sensory effects, envelopes and opening mechanisms, creative formats, object and dimensional marketing, hi-tech solutions, and more

Don’t miss these great seminars being presented by our industry experts:

  • Digital Services TOP SHOPS’ Best Practices Revealed! with Andrew Paparozzi and Howie Fenton.
  • Variable Data Do’s and Don’ts: Best Practices for Printing with Howie Fenton.
  • In-Plant Survival: “Lessons Learned” From the Best with Howie Fenton.
  • The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever! with Bill Farquharson.
  • How to Get YOUR Message Into the Mailbox with Leo Raymond.

For more information on Graph Expo 14 visit their site:Â www.graphexpo.com .