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M&A Workshop


Nov. 14 at the Gil Hatch Center in Rochester, NY

With an industry in transition, M&A is a key strategy for getting on the right side of the current market redistribution.

This daylong intermediate-level workshop offers practical current information on the most important issues to consider when buying, selling, or transferring ownership in the graphic communications industry.

Register for the NAPL/Xerox M&A Workshop and receive a FREE COPY of the highly informative NAPL book, “Strategic Growth: The NAPL Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions.” As an EXTRA BONUS , you will also receive the new NAPL research study: “Mergers & Acquisitions: A Growth Strategy for an Industry in Transition.”

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What Others are Saying

“Great M&A Workshop! I learned a lot.” –Andrew Ochsner, President, Boone Graphics (Sept. 7, 2013 Workshop Attendee).

“The M&A Workshop was top notch…one of the best I’ve attended.” —Anthony Fernandez, President, Captiva Group (Sept. 7, 2013 Workshop Attendee).

Several owners also emphasized benefiting from the M&A experience itself: “I learned a lot about the business of running a business,” and “We learned how other companies are structured and operate. We also benefited from brainstorming about how we can combine with others to maximize the benefits of M&A.”