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AMSP-NAPL-NAQP Energy Program

What Is the AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Energy Program?

The Energy Program is an opportunity for members to get energy pricing from a trusted industry source on one of the highest ancillary expenses in a printing facility.  We works with its members to get the best possible prices from 77  international suppliers on both electric and natural gas.

How Can AMSP/NAPL/NAQP Help Your Business?

States that have deregulated energy allow consumers to choose their own provider in order to receive lower commodity rates, resulting in a reduction in utility bills.  Not all states are deregulated and some states have pockets of deregulation. Click here to see if your facility is in a deregulated area or contact Energy Program Manager

How Does the Program Work?

To receive a free savings analysis and price quote, members should send a copy of their two most recent electric and natural gas bills to Adam. We will contact your local utility company to obtain all other necessary information, such as historical usage data, then work with suppliers to get the current market rates, and create a customized savings analysis showing you the lowest rate options ( click here to see a sample analysis). After reviewing the options, you can select the supplier and terms you prefer, and we will prepare the contract.

What If I Already Have a Contract?

You should still contact us even if your facility is currently under contract; we might be able to save you money on your next energy contract! We can price out contract terms to begin as soon as your existing contract ends, without any lag time or overlapping contracts.

How Long Does This Take?

Once we have all your information, it may take one-to-two weeks to receive bids from suppliers. Please note that bids are time-sensitive and rates are guaranteed for only that day because of market pricing. It is important someone with decision-making power review and approve bids by 4 p.m. (EDT) to lock in rates. If the proposed rates will not benefit your company, we will monitor the market for you and recommend a time to revisit.

What Can the Program Achieve?

The average member saves 10-30% off their energy cost.

What If You Can’t Save My Company Money?

If your company already has the best available energy rate, the analysis will confirm it for your management.

What Members are Saying…

“After receiving an email from NAPL about their energy program for printers, I asked to see how they could help my company. I had already received many calls from energy companies seeking our business. Having NAPL do the research and comparisons for me really saved me time and clarified the most suitable options. They were able to save us over 25% on our energy costs and locked us in at a great rate. Thank you, NAPL, for looking after my interests.”―Kevin Dempsey, Business Manager, Sprint Quality Printing, Wilmington, DE“I received an NAPL Energy shark card in the mail. It reminded me that my current supplier kept trying to force me to sign right now ! I called NAPL to see if that was really so. They said that they see this all the time and offered to handle my research and get me a quote from all their suppliers to compare apples to apples. It turns out that I had not been getting an “apples to apples” quote from my supplier, which brought my actual all-inclusive rate up. Had I not worked with NAPL, I would have just signed my prior contract. Thanks for your assistance here.”―Joe Frederick, COO, Unity Printing, Latrobe, PA“NAPL assisted us in reducing our wind energy contract pricing by more than $70k annually. ”―Doug Hazlett, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability, Sandy Alexander Inc., Clifton, NJ“NAPL has not only helped us evaluate our present contract, but is monitoring the energy market for us to ensure that we will be able to get the best rate possible when it is time to renew our contract.”―Niels Winther, Managing Partner & Chairman of the Board, Think Patented, Miamisburg, OH“NAPL has been a trusted source and advisor for Precise Continental, researching our energy options, helping us compare contracts from a number of suppliers, and ultimately saving us thousands of dollars on our electric contract.”―Leonard Nangel, Accountant, Precise Continental Printing, Harrison, NJ“Whenever one of our energy contracts comes up for renewal, we check with NAPL for market information we can trust.” ―Domenic Pizzanelli, Vice President Engineering/Facility Management, EarthColor Printing, Houston, TX