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NAPL Launches ‘Twenty:10’ E-Newsletter

Paramus, N.J. – 5/26/2010 – Wednesday, June 2, is the launch date for Twenty:10, an exciting new electronic newsletter from the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) that will offer its members articles and blog entries on 10 industry news and management topics in a 20-second, time-friendly format. Readers will be able to scan the article list and gain in-depth information and insights from NAPL industry experts and other sources on those topics most relevant to them.

“We know how busy our members are, so we developed the Twenty:10 newsletter to balance a healthy respect for their time constraints and their need to gain reliable, actionable industry management information,” said NAPL Senior Vice President/Marketing Cindy Woods. “The format is clear, concise, and easy to navigate, and its flexibility lets us cover a wide variety of topics that you will be able to scan in under 10 seconds and then click on the specific articles you want to read.”

The new newsletter format, which will incorporate the best features of the Association’s previous Executive Insights, Sales & Marketing Strategies, and Weekend Refresher newsletters, will also feature commentaries and blogs from NAPL subject matter experts in all industry management areas.

“We believe that Twenty:10 is the best way to put relevant content in the hands of our members without inundating them with numerous email blasts,” said Joseph P. Truncale, NAPL President and Chief Executive Officer. “They will find everything they need in a succinct publication that will serve as a gateway to related articles and links providing expanded additional information and expert assistance from NAPL’s Business Advisory Team experts if they want it. The reader will always be in charge, determining how much time he or she wants to spend with us.”

The NAPL Twenty:10 newsletter is a benefit exclusively for members of NAPL and its small commercial and quick printer segment, the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP).  For membership information, please contact Kristen Kitchen, Membership Director, at (678) 594-0048, Ext. 104, or


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