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NAPL Partners with Thomas Industries To Help Printers Explore Strategic Options

The Association’s business management consulting services join with the leading full service printing industry auction and appraisal specialists in North America to create a one-stop resource for owners.

East Rutherford, N.J. (April 9, 2013)― The National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Thomas Industries, Inc., of Guilford, Conn., which will enable it to offer its members and consulting clients an enhanced range of services as they explore their strategic options in a rapidly transforming industry.

“The unique industry expertise of Thomas Industries’ worldwide auction and appraisal services will aid NAPL in its quest to help business owners understand all their options for the future,” says NAPL President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., “whether that includes selling or acquiring equipment to help them adjust their service options for new opportunities, understanding the real value of their equipment and real estate as they plan for a physical move, or achieving the best results during an orderly liquidation of their business.

“Whatever direction the owners choose, NAPL’s aim is to help them achieve the best possible outcome for all their stakeholders–shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers,” he continues. “Working with the industry-standard services of Thomas Industries, NAPL can give the owners a clear idea of all their options and the likely scenario for each so that they can make the most informed decisions.”

“We are delighted to be working with NAPL to offer industry companies a single source they can call upon to explore their strategic options, receive unrivaled industry-based advice in determining their course of action, and then implement their decisions through our unmatched industry network of national and international resources,” said Thomas J. Gagliardi, Jr., Thomas Industries President and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to providing a highly accurate estimate of equipment value, Thomas Industries can help companies in the sale of unneeded or redundant equipment or in the acquisition of equipment from other sources. Thomas can also assist in the sale or purchase of real properties through its network of real estate affiliates.

Through the combined industry knowledge and relationships of our partnership, NAPL and Thomas can also help companies seeking to expand their businesses through the acquisition of tangible and/or intangible assets of other entities.

For more information, contact NAPL Senior Vice President Tim Fischer at , Ext. 6376, or tfischer@napl.org ; or Thomas Industries Vice President Tom Gagliardi III at (203) 458-0709, Ext. 102, or tomjr@thomasauction.com .


About Thomas Industries: Thomas Industries, Inc. (www.thomasauction.com) has been in the auction, liquidation and appraisal business since 1947 and has become recognized as a leading provider of complete asset management services, including consulting, appraisals, acquisitions, repossessions and workouts of all types. Office locations throughout the United States and in Shanghai have enabled the company to adapt to the emerging global markets and establish worldwide direct contacts with both brokers and end users. Thomas Industries has conducted thousands of auctions and appraisals throughout the world, covering a broad range of industries. Its personnel have extensive experience in the areas of manufacturing durable goods, inventories, real estate, and intellectual properties.

THOMAS Industries Printing Division is the leading full service auction firm in North America dedicated exclusively to the Printing and Graphics Industry’ providing one-stop full-service for lenders, OEMs, and printers throughout North America. Since Thomas inception they have conducted over 500 printing auctions/liquidations, over 1000 certified appraisals; in 2012 Thomas industries completed over 13,000 individual sales of printing equipment to buyers from 38 states and 21 countries.

, Thomas Industries

About NAPL

Founded in 1933, NAPL has been a management education and industry research leader at every stage of the industry’s growth and transformation, and is well prepared to maintain that leadership position through its unmatched member’s services for decades to come.

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