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NAQP Membership
Making your company a member of NAQP is easy.  Join now  and you and your staff will start enjoying member benefits such as NAQP’s Members-Only online community (coming soon) and periodicals, as well as access to member discounts on a wide variety of business services today! NAQP Membership Benefits Include:
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Access to NAPL Information Central
  • Access to Members-Only Online Forum
  • Access to Members-Only Web Pages
  • Exclusive Members-Only Webinars
  • Access to NewsTalk Live broadcasts
  • Exclusive Member discounts on all NAPL products, services, programs & publications
  • Exclusive Member Advantage™ Discount Program with industry-wide vendors, manufacturers, & business service providers
  • Access to NAPL Hourly Rate Tools (Online)
  • Members-Only access to NAPL Business Advisory Team
  • Exclusive NAPL Performance Indicators™ Program Membership Brochure Cover.jpg
  • NAPL Management Plus™ Best Practices Assessment

Annual Dues $465*

*Dues are payable in one-time annual payment via check or credit card.