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NewsTalk Live Archives

NAPL NewsTalk Live brings industry management information directly to your office. Featuring members of the NAPL Business Advisory Team and industry experts, these programs are generally about an hour in length and are presented monthly.

NewsTalk Live Recordings:

Click here to download the Web-to-Print: The Potential and the Realities broadcast from November.  Hear Howie Fenton, NAPL senior consultant, Andy Paparozzi, NAPL chief economist, Don Kirkland Arbor Oakland Group president, and Tyler Koon, Lawton Printers vice president discuss the answers to How is Web-to-print working in practice? Are as many clients using the service as expected? What are the biggest benefits? What are the biggest challenges and how do we overcome those challenges? The session was based on the results of the fall 2013 NAPL Survey of Web-to-Print Services. Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here to download the Mergers and Acquistions: Truth from the Trenches broadcast from October.  Hear NAPL staff consultants, Mark Hahn and Mitch Evans discuss the effectiveness of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the graphic communications industry as a viable growth strategy. Download to learn about the opportunity, stumbling blocks, strategies to avoid them, and the case histories of successful and unsuccessful M&A deals. Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here¬†to download the broadcast from September and hear Andrew Paparozzi, NAPL Chief Economist, and Joseph Vincenzino, NAPL Senior Economist talk about the 2013 NAPL State of the Industry Report. Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, moderates as they discuss: What we can expect from our industry and the economy over the next 18 months; What company counts don’t tell us; Who NAPL Leaders are, what they’ve accomplished, and keys to their success; plus more. To download the PowerPoint referenced during the broadcast, please click here. Sponsored by KBA.

Click here to download What Customers Want РThe Secret to Increasing Sales and Loyalty.  Listen to Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, and a panel of experts explain how to use key industry resources to better understand customers, and how to use that knowledge to increase customer loyalty, grow sales, and strengthen your business.

Click here¬†to download¬†Learn Before You Leap ‚Äď Marketing Strategies & Ideas For Your Business.¬† Listen to¬†Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, and a panel of marketing experts help printers with limited resources understand how to market their businesses in a way that is continuous and targeted rather than occasional and generic.

Click here¬†to download Exit Strategy ‚Äď Don‚Äôt Let Your Dream Become a Nightmare. Hear John Hyde, NAPL Senior Vice President; Tom Dellas, Founder of Dellas Printing; John Kingery, Chairman of Kingery Printing Company; and Jason Tews, VP of Marketing of Kelmscott Communications as they give you industry best practices for exit strategies and succession planning.

Please note: The image quality gets blurry at 28:24. We apologize for the drop in quality.

Click here¬†to download Hits and Misses¬†‚Äď Why You Need a Print MIS System.¬†Hear Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant,¬†Greg D‚ÄôAmico, Brian Baarman, and Joel Salzman, as they¬†share their firsthand experiences in choosing, implementing, and fine tuning MIS systems.

Click here to download Digital and Wide Format Pricing ‚Äď More Than Just Numbers.¬†Hear Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, Mitch Evans, Managing Director of NAQP and Author of the Digital and Wide Format Pricing Study, Tracey Cohen, President of Target Printing, Inc., and Joe Calagaz, VP of Commercial Printing Division for Calagaz Printing, as they tell you¬†about the current trends in Digital and Wide Format pricing, and how to determine a pricing strategy that will enhance your bottom line.¬†Sponsored by Canon.

Click here to stream or download Increase Your Sales & Profits by Getting Maximum ROI from Variable Data Printing.  Hear Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, Andy Paparozzi, NAPL Chief Economist, Amy Bamberger, Marketing Technology Specialist, Precision Dialogue Direct and Automation 1-2-3 executives David Tobman, President, and Brandon Tobman, CTO and COO, as they tell you what they are doing to achieve success with Variable Data Printing. Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here to stream or download Post GRAPH EXPO Update on the State of the Small and Quick Printer Market.  Hear Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, Laura Hughes, Co-Founder, Freeze Frame Publishing, and Andy Paparozzi, NAPL Chief Economist discuss the fall 2012 NAPL/NAQP Quick and Small Commercial Printers Trends Report. You’ll also find out what they learned from the NAQP Owners Conference and GRAPH EXPO show about the challenges and solutions in the Small and Quick printer market. Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here to stream or download Advances in Sheetfed Offset Printing: Keeping a Core Process Competitive, our NewsTalk broadcast from September. Hear NAPL Senior Consultant Howie Fenton; Eric Frank, VP, Marketing & Product Management, KBA North America, Inc.; Waren Werbitt, Founder and CEO, Pazazz; Robert Navarro, VP of Operations, Lithocraft Company; and Mike Stevenson, President, B&B Print Source as they provide advice and strategic insight about the latest advances in offset printing and how these new technologies can help you manage your business for greater competitiveness and increased profitability Sponsored by KBA.

Click here to stream or download Digital Services Study, our NewsTalk broadcast from August. Hear NAPL Senior Consultant Howie Fenton, Tim Burton, President, Burton & Mayer, Inc., and John Zamorski, Director of Technology, Burton & Mayer as they discuss how digital leaders achieve success. Sponsored by Konica Minolta.

Click here to stream or download Learn How Quick & Small Commercial Printers Can Increase Revenue‚ÄēEven in This Economy, our NewsTalk broadcast from July. Hear NAPL Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi and New Haven Print President Craig Dellinger explore ways quick and small commercial printers can grow revenues‚Äēeven in this turbulent economic environment. NAPL Senior Consultant Howie Fenton moderates.¬†Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here to stream or download A First Look at the 2012 NAPL State of the Industry Report, our NewsTalk broadcast from June. Hear John Berthelsen, President of Suttle-Straus, Inc., NAPL Chief Economist Andy Paparozzi, and Howie Fenton, NAPL Senior Consultant, preview the reports primary conclusions and recommendations.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from May. Listen to¬†How Leading Companies Sell Digital Services and hear NAPL Sr Consultant Howie Fenton, VP/Sr Consultant Mike Philie discuss the Digital Services Study with guest panelists, David Harding, President/CEO, and Steven Anzalone, COO, both of Harding Poorman. NAPL’s latest Digital Services Survey is a landmark study that identifies how the Digital leaders achieve success. The study is not limited to growth opportunities for digital services, but it also talks about how Leaders sell and support sales. While many presentations are made on this subject, few talk about the “nuts and bolts” and best practices from the leading companies.¬†Sponsored by Konica-Minolta

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from April. Listen to The Outlook for Quick and Small Commercial Printers with Rick Schildgen, President of CL Graphics, Crystal Lake, IL, a leading small business innovator, and Andy Paparozzi, NAPL chief economist, for a NewsTalk Live conversation on the findings of the latest NAPL/NAQP Quick and Small Commercial Printers Trends Report. Moderated by NAPL Senior Consultant Howie Fenton, the discussion included trends in sales, marketing, and employment, including sales expectations for 2012; the issues that concern quick and small commercial printers most right now; and where quick and small commercial printers see their greatest opportunities. Sponsored by Xerox.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from February and listen to Excelling in Digital with NAPL SVP & Chief Economist Andy Paparozzi and Sr. Consultant Howie Fenton as they discuss what’s really necessary to succeed in services such as web-to-print, variable-content digital printing, and 1:1/cross-media marketing.¬†Click here to view the PDF of the presentation.¬†Sponsored by Konica-Minolta.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from January and listen to¬†What’s Ahead for Our Industry in 2012? What Can We Do About it? with NAPL Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Andy Paparozzi and Sandy Alexander CEO, Michael Graff as they discuss what lies ahead for our industry this year and what we can do about it.¬†Sponsored by Heidelberg.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from August and listen to Ask the Expert: On Strategies for Successful Service Diversification with NAPL President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., David Pitts (President, Classic Graphics, Inc.) and John Berthelsen (President, Suttle-Straus, Inc.) for a live discussion about strategies for successful service diversification. Listen in as they share frontline industry insights that have proven effective, as well as those approaches to stay away from. Sponsored by Heidelberg.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from May and listen to Ask the Expert: On Sales Strategies for the Recovery with NAPL Vice President and Senior Consultant Mike Philie as he discusses effective sales and business development strategies with executive managers from NAPL member companies as special guests. This broadcast focuses on planning for sales and business development success as the industry continues on the path towards recovery. Sponsored by Heidelberg.

Click here to stream or download the broadcast from April and listen to¬†Ask the Expert: On the Subject of Mergers and Acquisitions with¬†NAPL Sr. Vice President John Hyde as he discusses Mergers and Acquisitions with two recent M & A clients as special guests. This broadcast focuses on the M & A process from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, providing listeners with useful insight into the mechanics of M &¬†A concepts.¬†Sponsored by Heidelberg.

Click here to stream or download the NewsTalk Live broadcast from March and listen to ‚ÄúAsk the Expert ‚Äď On the Subject of the Economy‚ÄĚ with¬†NAPL Sr. Vice President and Chief Economist, Andy Paparozzi as he discusses the 9th edition of the “State of the Industry Report” with special guest, James P. Dunn, President of Heidelberg, USA. The new “State of the Industry Report” is about participating fully in recovery by asking the right questions, learning from the trials of the last three years, cultivating organizational flexibility, and effective execution.¬†Sponsored by Heidelberg.