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Performance Indicators™

NAPL’s Performance Indicators™ Program features vital metrics reporting, comparison and self-analysis. Based on key indicators which can spell the difference between profit and loss, this program offers confidential interaction via a password-protected website, allowing you to track a rolling average of your key measurements and the ability to compare your results with peers.

NAPL Performance Indicators program tracks vital metrics printers need to compete in today’s marketplace. Run by NAPL’s Research Center, the service complements the macro data that NAPL Research Center provides through its Printing Business Index and other indicators by affording participants micro data on how their individual companies are performing.

Performance Indicators sets itself apart from traditional benchmarking programs by monitoring the critical metrics that are the most relevant in today’s business environment and giving participants insights into their organizations’ current performance and future prospects.

Companies that participate in the service every month get a report on their performance compared with both internal and external metrics.

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