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In addition to our information-packed periodicals listed below, we offer a comprehensive library of industry-specific books. bottom_line_covers_2 Bottom Line , AMSP/NAPL/NAQP new member magazine, offers a comprehensive review of current industry events and trends and an insightful preview of what lies ahead. Each issue provides actionable management information on issues and solutions for a variety of strategic and tactical disciplines, and, as “your membership connection,” spotlights news and information for, about, and by association members. Launched in April of 2014. Click here  for 2014 advertising information The REVIEW electronic management newsletter provides a monthly sampling of association and industry news and articles related to printing management topics in a variety of areas, including strategic planning, finance, sales, marketing, technology/operations, and human resources. Printing Business Conditions is a concise, quarterly summary of the commercial printing industry’s performance and prospects. Included are measures of current activity and projections of what’s ahead. Like all reports produced by NAPL’s Research Center, Printing Business Conditions provides context and perspective and draws from NAPL’s authoritative database of industry business indicators, including the 300-member NAPL Printing Business Panel. Management Bulletin is based on the member-exclusive NAPL WorkPlan for Success and Management Plus System Best Practices.  The quarterly Management Bulletin provides practical, actionable information company executives and managers can use in their business right now. NAQP News is published quarterly by the National Association of Quick Printers (NAQP). This newsletter provides information and insights geared specifically for the quick and small commercial printer. Discover is a monthly e-newsletter highlights proprietary content and other select business resources recommended by association and industry experts to help you advance your business management skills.