What others are saying about The Sales Challenge

  • “The last 2 weeks have been off the charts! This is fantastic!!!”
    Dan Karas • Acclaim Print
  • “Swamped and loving it!”
    Corey Merke • EspressByNet
  • “Hi Bill, I landed a REALLY big account recently using what I learned in your program. Glad I knew this stuff. It got me in the door!”
    Bruce Gleason • Print Tech
  • “I’ve read sales books, been to sales lectures, and you by far are the most practical and effective sales coasch/trainer I have ever worked with. Your approach is a unique blend of psychologist and cheerleader; your information is timely, relevant and important; your presentation is friendly and approachable, mixed in with the right amount of humor. But most of all, I can feel your passion for what you do, and your genuine concern for those you work with. The opportunity to work with you was by far my honor.”
    Robbie Hunt • Fastsigns
  • “The accountability of the program is definitely the kick in the pants that I’ve needed.”
    Craig Mccloud • Printtech
  • “Great week of sales! Received a first job from a large client I have been trying to reel in for months”
    Mike Sooley • Litnmore
  • “The webinar was fantastic! It gave me a clear plan for prospecting and that was a HUGE help.”
    Linda Nikolaidis • Berman Printing
  • “I started your program last month and I am getting meetings every week; sometimes on the very day I make the call. This program has gotten me in the door!”
    Donna Kellar • Dixie Gaphics
  • “I called a customer today that we have not worked together for close to a year. Well today 30 mins after calling him he called back about a post card that he needs turned around in a hurry. I will get art on Tuesday and will print and mail by Friday. Chalk up one for the home team!”
    Gary Carr • Progressive Graphics

How it works…

  1. Establish a daily sales activity goal;
  2. Make your calls, report in, and be held accountable;
  3. Participate in weekly webinars or small-group conference calls to improve call quality (see webinar list below);
  4. Watch your sales take off!

The fastest way to grow sales:
Increase, improve & monitor activity!

Weekly webinar topics:

  • Beating voice mail
  • Time management
  • Overcoming objections
  • Consultative selling
  • Pre-call web research
  • Selling digital and VDP
  • Why aren’t you selling more?
  • Get Sales NOW! prospecting process
  • “August sales were up 25% thanks to your program with three jobs in the que for September; one for 146M impressions!”
    Chuck Cox • Kwik Kopy Printing
  • “The Sales Challenge rekindled my excitement for what I do and I would HIGHLY recommend your program to anyone!”
    Bill Giles • Corporate Press
  • “The Sales Challenge is keeping me motivated to prospect and is teaching me good habits.”
    Jay Craghan • Hoque Printing
  • “I’ve been in Sales for less than a year. Just two weeks into this program has taught me more about the quality of my calls and the pre-call research than anything that came before it. That has made a tremendous difference in getting return calls and quotes. You can use my words for your marketing purpose. I can’t say enough about you!”
    Donna Kellar • Dixie Graphics
  • “I wanted to tell you that after that conference call today, I was much more inspired and much more motivated! I went about my day with a whole new positive attitude! Thank you Bill!”
    Tanya Federici • Print Three Kelowna
  • “I am having a blast and the orders are coming in!!!”
    Emie Dykhuis • Sir Speedy
  • “A Sales Challenge Woo-Hoo!!! Things are really falling into place. From the program, I just picked up two new clients. This is like finding money you left in a jacket from months ago.”
    Sioux DePass • Original Impressions
  • “It looks like we are going to have one of our best months in a long time. Thank you for your help with our sales team!”
    Todd Warren • MPI Printing
  • “Woo-hoo. Felt good. Got everything from a stiff-armed blowoff to a really promising appointment. Onward!”
    Tommie Huggins • Print Texas
  • “I found myself nearing the end of my first day and was going to head home, and realized I only had 7 calls in. I made 2 more calls and scheduled a NEW client meeting for next week on my last call of the day! Thanks again for your efforts Bill.”
    Michael Pugh • DUKE Print
  • “I am starting to feel the tallwing you were talking about. It makes me want to work harder. Thanks, Bill.”
    Jan Brown • Sir Speedy
  • “I am doing more quoting & closing more business than I have in years.”
    Paul McDonald • Agilaire Print Logistics
  • “I’m up to my eyes in activity!”
    Rick Baptiste • Kwik Kopy
  • “You have earned every dime of that $100.”
    Patrick Berch • Quality Color
  • “Has this program helped? Most definitely! I wasn’t doing this well until I joined the Sales Challenge!”
    Donna Kellar • Dixie Graphics
  • “I notice a good habit developing!”
    John Christianson • Accord Co
  • “This program works!”
    Michelle Baltz • The Copy Shoppe
  • “Man, am I going to have a busy summer!”
    Lisa Merhl • Balmar Printing
  • “Tthe Sales Challenge has helped increase my sales activity. I have achieved success in generating more appointments and estimates”
    Don Trageser • Puritan Press