Course #6: Sales Masters Class II

“NAPL eWorkshops”

A Four-week sales training program:

Course #6: Sales Masters Class II

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Starts the first Monday of each month

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This NAPL eWorkshop will raise your selling skills to a higher level!

Okay, so you get the basics. You have a prospecting process and you have some decent accounts and the solid base of business. You are on your way. Now learn the skills necessary to become a Sales Master.

Webinar Lineup:

Week 1: Consultative Selling
Week 2: Making Effective Sales Presentations
Week 3: Landing the Big Fish
Week 4: Conference Call Review And Discussion

You will learn:

  • How to stop “selling print”;
  • How to solve problems and earn orders;
  • How to make highly effective sales presentations;
  • The secrets to landing the big fish;
  • And more!

How each 30 day program works:

  • On the first three Mondays, you will receive access to a recorded training webinar, including speaker’s notes;
  • You’ll have 24 hours to watch the program;
  • All webinars are uploaded to YouTube and are password protected;
  • You can watch them as many times as you like within that 24 hour period;
  • Each week features a new lesson with ideas that you can apply immediately;
  • During the fourth week you will participate in a small-group conference call to review the material and cover your sales challenges

NAPL eWorkshops are run so that you can learn new skills, apply the lessons immediately, and then return to the “classroom” for further training. Through this “learn and apply” process, you retain more and increase your chances of breaking old habits.

Learn new skills. Master sales challenges. Implement what you’ve learned immediately and see your sales volume grow. That’s what the NAPL eWorkshop do. Guaranteed.

Cost: Each NAPL eWorkshop costs $249 per person. You can enroll your entire sales staff (up to ten people) for $749. All training is money-back guaranteed.

For more information call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036