Sales tip for the week of December 22, 2014

Good morning!

Why aren’t you selling more?

I love that question. It’s a favorite of mine in coaching calls and in live presentations. It stimulates great conversation, not to mention uncovering an awful lot of lame excuses.

If you direct the conversation my way and asked my opinion, without knowing anything at all about you, I would say that it comes down to one of four points:

You are not making a high value, well researched sales call.
You are calling on the wrong target market.
You are not following a prospecting process. Or…
You are not applying that process with diligence and persistency.

Call me today, in a year, or in 10 years, and I am likely to give you some variation of those four points. With everything that has changed in the field of sales, these fundamentals have not.

If you are struggling, if you are not happy with your sales volume, or if you are wondering, Why aren’t I selling more? your answer lies somewhere in those four points.

Never stop checking in with each of them and challenging yourself to improve or change. The combination of these four factors will determine your sales success. Always.