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Soderstrom Society Members

2014 Soderstrom Award Winner Nigel Worme and Board Chairman Tom Duchene.

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The 2015 Awards dinner will be held on September 12, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

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The Society

The Soderstrom Society is AMSP/NAPL/NAQP’s honors recognition organization for graphic arts industry leaders. It is named after Walter E. Soderstrom, one of the Association’s founders and its first paid staff executive. The Society’s origins go back to spontaneous fellowship gatherings of NAPL leaders that typically followed conventions and Association meetings. This group of loyal Association supporters came to be known as “The Old Timers.” On September 15, 1970, the organization was formalized and named The Walter E. Soderstrom Society in recognition of Soderstrom’s contributions to the Association and the industry.

In its early days, membership in the Soderstrom Society was limited to NAPL members, and election to the Association’s Board of Directors was almost a prerequisite to election in the Society. In October 1978, the Society’s constitution was amended, eliminating automatic memberships, establishing membership criteria, and emphasizing a new Society mandate: to recognize and honor individuals in the printing industry who have significantly contributed to the development and progress of the graphic arts, either through NAPL or through other industry activities and programs. With each passing year, The Walter E. Soderstrom Society has become a more broad-based honors society for leaders from all segments of the world of graphic communications.

Walter E. Soderstrom

Walter E. Soderstrom was born in 1895 in Watervliet, N.Y., saw combat service in World War I, and later studied at the Packard Commercial School, the Harlem Evening High School, and Pace College. During the following years he began making his way in the lithographic industry and dreamed a dream. That dream materialized as he guided an association that started as a local enterprise with 23 members and grew to one of national scope, with more than 1,300 members at his retirement in 1966.

An early disciple of the benefits of cost accounting and cost finding, Walter Soderstrom was employed in that capacity by the New York Photo-Lithographers Association in the NRA days of 1933. Shortly thereafter, the local group merged with the National Association of Photo-Lithographers, and Walter was appointed executive secretary. As NAPL grew to embrace all graphic arts processes, it was renamed the National Association of Printers and Lithographers, and in 1999 became the National Association for Printing Leadership. In 2014, it merged with the Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP).

Walter Soderstrom was a gifted administrator and organizer. He established and taught courses in estimating and selling, published technical and information bulletins, and wrote and lectured on pertinent topics, studiously acquiring helpful information and willingly sharing it with all. One of Walter Soderstrom’s greatest contributions was the research, editing, and compiling that resulted in the eminently authoritative Lithographer’s Manual, first published in 1937.

A permanent tribute epitomizing his achievements in the lithographic industry was formally established in 1961 as the Walter E. Soderstrom Award, which is given to outstanding individuals in recognition of exceptional contributions to the graphic communications industry. Seldom does a man come down life’s road who makes a notable contribution not only to his chosen field, but to mankind itself. The Soderstrom Society was named to honor such a man—Walter E. Soderstrom.

Soderstom News

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