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The New Graphic Arts CEO Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Joseph P. Truncale, PhD, NAPL President and CEO

Introduction: Why Revisit the Graphic Arts CEO?
A tsunami has reshaped our industry. You’ve got to make fundamental changes in the way you do business.

1. Getting Your Company Safely from Here to There
While you’re making changes, you’ve got to generate profits from your existing business. It takes longer than you think. Don’t run out of money or time.

2. Success Starts with the CEO
CEOs are the single thing separating top-performing companies from the rest. All the other differences are merely details

3. The Industry Environment
Don’t depend on an improving economy. The changes in our industry are permanent. An upturn in the economy won’t change things much.

4. Traits of Top-Performing CEOs
Top-performing CEOs maintain their relentless focus on their top priorities. There are a small number of other differences, but not many.

5. The Industry’s Economics
The economics of our industry are relentless. It’s not a pretty picture, and the facts are even worse.

6. Your Company’s Economics
Whatever you call your business, you’ve got to be busy most of the time to earn any profits. And oh yes, plant productivity matters a great deal too.

7. Becoming More Than a printer — Or Not
No one knows your options better than you do. So be careful whom you listen to. You don’t need to find the Holy Grail. Just pay attention to the right things.

8. Tough Times are Good Times for Mergers
You don’t have to build new sales and new capabilities from the ground up. You can build from the outside too. Mergers are a practical tool to consider.

9. Printers are No Fun to Do Business With
Customers think printers are hard to do business with. Why do things have to be so difficult?

10. Catch Up with the Rest of the World
It’s time for printers to start acting more like other businesses. The old excuses won’t work. Every job is different? So what! Your customers don’t care.

11. A Different View of Being Competitive
Your real product isn’t printing. It’s your customers’ experience in dealing with you. You need to focus on improving that experience right away.

12. Becoming Easy to Do Business With
Improving your customers’ experience starts with becoming easy to do business with. It will change your entire way of thinking about your business.

13. Your Managerial Style
Every CEO has a personal style. Develop a personal style that fits you, and stick to it.

14. Choosing Your Managerial Approach
Everything starts with asking: “What do we need to change to become more successful, and what stands in the way? What’s working and what’s not?”.

15. Building Your Managerial Plan
Take the Goldilocks approach: you don’t need too much of a plan and not too little either. Somewhere in between is just right.

16. Your Employees
Superior companies have superior employees. Are you proud of your employees?

17. Working with Your Managers
Develop your own way of working with your managers. It starts with making sure that everyone understands the performance requirements.

18. Managing with Information
There’s not much margin for error in printing. That’s why you need useful and timely information on what’s going on.

19. Getting What You Need from Your CFO
You’re the CFO’s most important customer. If you’re not getting what you need, it’s time to do something about it.

20. Financial Statements
As CEO, you’re the most important user of the financial statements. Why not get the information you need?

21. Getting Sales Results
Sales is the single area that separates the most successful companies from the rest. It’s time for you to focus on getting the sales results you need.

22. Working with Your Sales Manager
Your sales manager can’t be a substitute for your involvement in the selling effort, nor an obstacle. You’ve got to find an effective way to work together.

23. Finding the Right Salespeople
New kinds of sales require new kinds of salespeople. It’s time to think differently about finding the right salespeople.

24. Dealing with your salespeople: Getting off to a good start
Help your salespeople to understand what kind of work you’re really looking for. Set performance expectations, and show them what success looks like.

25. Building a real relationship with your salespeople
Your salespeople are your most important employees. Isn’t it time to stop treating them as if they’re independent contractors?

26. Higher-Level Selling, Higher-Level Skills
New kinds of business require new approaches and new skills. Are your salespeople equipped to take a new approach?

27. Firing Salespeople
Most CEOs wait far too long to fire non-performing salespeople. You can fire them, keep their business and get more from their accounts.

28. Getting Manufacturing Results
Printing quality is much easier to achieve. It’s time for you to focus more closely on improving productivity and increasing processing speed.

29. Working with Your Plant Manager
No CEO is completely happy with their plant manager. Change that condition, by working more closely together on improving plant performance.

30. Making More Improvements
Improved performance starts with improved processes. Stop improvising and look for better ways to do things. It will feel strange, but you’ll like the results.

31. Earning More from the Business You’ve Got
Keep more of your value-added in-house, and be careful not to give away your productivity improvements – at least not by accident.

Postscript: Freedom from POOPP
Stop being a prisoner of other people’s priorities. It’s time to do the things your company needs you to do.