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The New Graphic Arts CEO


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The NEW Graphic Arts CEO  provides just the help you need. BOB ROSEN has worked with more than 600 graphic arts companies. What separates the thriving companies from those that are struggling? How do the top performers continue producing such superior results? Here are Bob’s lessons – drawn from almost 200 industry profit leaders.

Getting Your Company Safely From Here to There
As the CEO, you’re searching for new kinds of business while watching the steady erosion of your existing sales. NAPL_CEO_book

  • How can you cope with the reality of your existing business while you’re searching for new answers at the same time?
  • How can you make big changes without endangering your company?

The Book’s Biggest Lesson
Transforming your business always takes longer than you think. You need to generate profits from your existing business, at the same time you’re building a business for the future.

Helping You Make the Right Choices for Your Company
There’s no one right answer for every company You’re the only person who can decide how to put various tools and ideas to use in your own company This book will help you choose your own approach to becoming the CEO your company needs you to be.

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How many of these chapters can you relate to? Are these issues that you are currently facing?

Looking for a Visionary Approach? Look Somewhere Else!
THE NEW Graphic Arts CEO deals with today’s real world issues – the issues you’re facing today – as you’re trying to transform your company. There’s more on improving sales results than any other topic. There’s also plenty about improving manufacturing results. And there’s lots more on making your customers happy.

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Does the book speak your language?

What are the Top-Performing CEOs Doing to Produce Their Industry-Leading Results?

  • There are still a number of companies – companies like yours – that are enjoying profitable results?
  • What have their CEOs been doing to get their industry-leading results?
  • How can you make the required changes without harming your business during the transition?

Learn what’s setting apart the industry-leading CEOs from the rest. Here are hands-on lessons from the CEOs of almost 200 industry profit leaders — told in Bob’s unique style.

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See whether the book delivers what you’re looking for.

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See what Frank Romano, Katherine O’Brien, and Joe Truncale are saying about the book.